Top 10 List to Prepare your Home for Sale continued....

#2 - Curb Appeal

Just as important as the featured picture on the MLS is the curb appeal.  Not all homes in Beverly Hills, Encino or Tarzana have the perfect curb appeal.  If the pictures brought the buyer to your home, don't let a messy yard and entrance scare them away.  If you have a nicely manicured front lawn and clean and inviting entrance, add some colorful plants and flowers to make it even more inviting.  If your front lawn is not so clean, then it's time to get to work.  Put the water hose away, replace the broken solar lights or light bulbs and spruce up the yard.  Spend a little money and get a big return.

#3 - Home Staging

Whether you are selling a home in Beverly Hills, Encino, Tarzana, Studio City or Reseda, home staging is a big part of successfully selling your home for top dollar.  Your pictures on the MLS brought the buyer to your home, the curb appeal brought them into your home, let's make sure that they are not turning around on their heel.  From the front entrance to the last part of your home, the rooms should be clutter free and inviting.  "Less is More"!  Uncluttering the home and placing furniture in the right place does not cost anything.  However, if the home is vacant and has no furniture it in then it may be money well spent to stage the home with rented furniture, which does not need to be super expensive.  Ask Claudia Batson and her team to assist you and they will be happy to help! 

#4 - Fix What's Broken

Part of preparing your home for sale is fixing what's broken.  Are all of the light bulbs working?  Do you see extension cords tangled up and laying around?  Are there holes in the wall or missing light switch plates?  Fixing these little things that you were trying to get to forever does not cost a lot of money, but will make a bad impression if left undone.  Claudia and team can send their handy man to fix those little things in no time. 

#5 - Painting

Buyers get turned off when they see shrill colors.  Neon green and purple will leave them running out of your home.  Kids rooms are famous for loud colors.  Neutral, calming colors are best to use when getting your home ready to sell.  With Swiss Coffee for the walls and Navaho White for the trim you can never go wrong.  Warm brown tones are also good to use.  This does not mean you have to paint your entire home, but your entrance and main rooms should certainly be inviting.

#6 - Kitchen

Keep your kitchen countertops free of clutter and too many small appliances.  Move most of what's on top of the counter inside the cabinets, and maybe leave the coffee machine.  Add a light smelling, decorative candle on the counter, which can be used during Open Houses.  A clean a and good smelling home will attract the fuzziest buyer.  Scub your sink, stove and oven (buyers will look) and make sure that the rest of the kitchen is in tip top shape.  Nobody like a dirty kitchen.

#6 - Bathrooms

Make sure your bathrooms sparkle. Clear countertops of unnecessary clutter. Replace discolored or damaged caulking. Fix dripping faucets and leaky toilets.  Adding a candle and a flower in a vase or small plant, such as an Orchid, always adds a nice touch. 

#7 - Bedrooms and Kids Rooms

Make sure that the beds are made and covered with a nice comforter and attractive pillows.  Pick up toys or clothing  from the floor and make sure to dust the bookshelves really well.  Unclutter as much as possible so that the rooms don't appear smaller than they are.  This is part of the home staging and very important. 

#8 - Backyard and Pool

Just as important and the front yard is the backyard and pool.  Make sure your pool is filled up properly and sparkles.  Low water level makes buyers wonder if the pool is leaking.  Hose down the concrete and trim overgrown scrubs.  Add some color to your garden by planting some inexpensive annuals.  The main objective is show the buyers that you have taken care of your backyard and they don't have much work to do.  

#9 - Lighting

Claudia and her team will prepare the home to potential buyers and show it in it's best light.  This means, opening the curtains and turning on all the lights in the home.  If you have rooms that are not well-lid, then you should consider adding some recess lighting or lamps.  Dated fixtures are eye-soars and should be replaced.  Solar lights in the front and backyard show very well during evening showings.  You would be surprised how inexpensing lighting can be and Claudia and her team can send their handy man to have it installed.  

#10 - Getting ready for an Open House

Now that you, or with the help of Claudia's team, have gotten the home ready for buyers to come and visit, take a quick walk-through and make sure things are put aways, beds are made and the kitchen and bathrooms are super clean and smelling good.  Ask yourself if you would buy the home if you were to see it as it is today?  If the answer is "absolutely" then you've done and excellent job!  Enjoy your day off and let Claudia and her team work for you!